The long-term evolution of Crafts SOTIROPOULOU in the area of ​​Fountain and Water Elements, allows the excellent construction of electromechanical devices and components to provide the best and safest performance of its projects.

The success, in making Fountain due to continuous staff training, the right combination of Study, Planning and Electronics Technology for all parts, with exclusive modes that have.

With the basic motto expertise we undertake public and private projects in Greece and abroad.

In our company you can find:

  • Mechanisms and nozzles made of Stainless Steel
  • New hole formation ways ride in stainless steel tubes for screwed nozzles
  • Foaming Nozzles, which are regulated depending on the gradient and divergence and specially manufacture the base
  • Pumps made of stainless steel
  • underwater lights IP68 tested in all weather conditions with the safest standards CE
  • Led Module for proper and well illuminations Water Element with lighting angle at 1200
  • Electronics Anemometers
  • Electronic Level Controllers Wired or wireless water
  • Electronic Controllers automatic filling
  • Electric panels made with art materials
  • Especially electronics supervisory control Water Elements
  • Utilities Stainless steel accessories to support the fountain

Our company offers you:

  • Warranty for proper operation of fountains
  • Full technical support and supplying spare parts
  • Maintenance & amp; cleaning fountains qualified personnel
  • Fast service

The Crafts Fountain SOTIROPOULOU, promises that working together will have the best effect.


Kind Regards,

For the Fountain Manufacturing


Office Address: Emanouil Roidi 19, Peristeri, Athens, Greece

Factory Address: Inofita Viotias, Viotia, Greece

Tel/Fax: +30 210 57 50 185 (5 lines)


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