ISO9001: 2008

The company FOUNTAINS SOTIROPOULOU in its activity has as a core value of its establishment as a reliable supplier of products /services that fully meet customer requirements in accordance with applicable law.

The management of the enterprise issues this policy to denote the absolute commitment:

  • to meeting the requirements and expectations of customers
  • the adoption of good practice
  • in compliance with legal requirements
  • the continuous improvement of the efficiency of operation of the company.

To achieve the above, the management has designed, implemented and continuously improve an Integrated Management System for Quality in accordance with the requirements of the International Standard ISO9001: 2008, which ensures that:

  • The company provides the resources and means necessary for the provision of a defined quality products.
  • The supplied products and services meet the requirements and expectations of customers of the company, expressed and implied, and forecasts of the legislation.
  • The quality of products and services are firm and consistent always with the internal specifications of the business or the specifications agreed with the client.
  • The interface is suitable for the activities of the company and complies with legislative requirements.
  • The working conditions in all places of business are monitored and controlled to avoid accidents.
  • The company's operation is governed by a framework for the introduction and review of objectives for both the products and activities and the effectiveness and efficiency of the business.
  • This policy communicated and understood within the company and reviewed the adequacy of the management annually.
  • The task of all employees involved in the operation of the System, is not only to maintain the system, but also to contribute actively to its development in order to improve quality, reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction. < /li>


The Director General



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